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What’s involved in replacing a Melbourne metal roof?

Look at the before images of the roof accompanying this post and you might think it belongs to a shed in outback Australia, not a Melbourne home in the inner-city suburb of Collingwood.

With the extent of the issues – such as rusted metal, holes, lifting metal roofing, deteriorating gutters and issues with flashing – the homeowners faced a dilemma. Go ahead with repairs that would only be temporary at best or bite the bullet and reroof.

What would you do in their situation?

Replacing a Melbourne metal roof?

Roof repairs or roof restoration?

The decision to repair or completely replace your Melbourne roof isn’t an easy one. Generally, both options are going to be expensive and with today’s cost of living pressures, it’s understandable that many people would want to delay the decision.

Which is certainly the wrong thing to do. That’s because eventually the issues with the roof will cause damage to plasterboard, supporting structure, insulation, electrical components and other areas inside your home.

And you’ll end up with an even bigger bill!

The decision to repair or replace your Melbourne roof is best looked at logically, based on budget and the condition of the roof. If the roof is fundamentally sound and only has a few issues, then usually repairs are the answer. If there are many issues or they are more major, a roof replacement is often the best option.

For the owners of the Melbourne home in the suburb of Collingwood, a replacement of the metal roof was what they chose. This was based on the repairs required and the condition of the roof.

As mentioned in the introduction, there were a lot of issues with the existing roof. This included:

  • Extensive areas of rust in the metal roof sheeting.
  • Holes in various areas of the metal roof.
  • Roof sheets that were lifting from their fixings.
  • Deteriorating gutters.
  • Issues with the flashing around the chimney.

Oates Roofing Maintenance inspected the roof and provided quotes to both repair and completely replace the roof. With the bill to repair around $2000 and repairs only likely to be a temporary fix, a roof and gutter replacement was given the go ahead.

Roof repairs or roof restoration?
A clients roof sheets, box gutters and flashing before we replaced the lot.

7 steps to roof replacement

What’s involved in replacing the metal roof and gutters of a Melbourne home?

While all roofs are somewhat different, the process is generally straightforward:

  1. Install guardrails and fall protection.
  2. Remove all the old materials, including the existing metal roofing sheets, gutters and flashing.
  3. Inspect the roof structure to ensure it’s in good condition. If any damage is noticed, this is the time to replace it.
  4. Install new metal roofing sheets. Often, insulation material is laid first.
  5. Install gutters.
  6. Install extra protection, such as flashing around chimneys and skylights.
  7. Inspect the roof, finalise the job, remove the fall protection and clean up.

For the Collingwood home, the roof replacement job essentially followed the above process. Some important notes:

  • Some timber battens in the roof structure were replaced due to water damage.
  • A 60 millimetre insulation blanket was laid under the new metal roof to help insulate the home.
  • New zincalume corrugated roof sheets were chosen by the homeowners.
  • The chimney and skylight flashings were completely replaced.
  • Parapet wall capping was installed to cover and protect an area of aging brick and render.

The before and after images, as we’re sure you’ll agree, are stark. The new metal roof and gutters rectifies all the issues of the old roof and improves the insulation performance of the home. It also markedly lifts the look of the roof and home.

Another job well done by Oates Roofing Maintenance!

7 steps to roof replacement

Roof replacement in Melbourne

If you’re tossing up whether to repair or replace your Melbourne roof, give Oates a call first. We’ll be able to come to your home, conduct a thorough inspection and provide quotes, so you can make a decision based on the facts.

We can replace all types and styles of roofs, including metal and tiled roofs that are most commonly found around Melbourne.

More reasons to choose Oates Roofing Maintenance:

  • We’re a family-owned business that’s been serving homeowners in the Greater Melbourne area for over 25 years.
  • We offer competitive prices and have no-obligation, free quotes.
  • We’re fully insured and certified for working from heights.
  • We provide the highest quality of service.
  • Our quality and customer service is extremely high.

Go to our roof replacement page for more information on reroofing homes in Melbourne.If you’d like to organise a quote to repair or roof your home, call Oates on 0435 695 466 or go to our website to submit a quote form.

Roof replacement in Melbourne

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