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Weathering the Storm: Why Roof Inspections Are Your Best Defence

With cost of living pressures and high interest rates biting hard, many Melbourne families are looking to cut costs and save money. So, what if there was a simple way of spending a little to potentially save hundreds if not thousands of dollars?

Roof inspections can save you money in the long run

One way to spend a little money to potentially save lots is by organising a roof inspection with Oates Roofing Maintenance. 

A routine roof inspection could save you hundreds, if not thousands, by identifying and addressing minor issues before they escalate into costly, extensive damage. Early detection of leaks, damaged tiles or metal roofing, or structural problems allows for timely and less expensive repairs, preserving your home’s value and your savings.

Take the case of the roof featured on this page, of a home in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton. A roof inspection identified a litany of issues that would have resulted in water damage sooner or later.

This included:

  • Some missing and displaced cement bedding under the ridge caps of the tiled roof. 
  • The valleys – or sections between the different parts of the roof – were rusting and needed replacement.
  • The flexible pointing on the roof was cracking and peeling, allowing even more cement bedding to be damaged and misplaced.
  • The roof was dirty and had algae and moss growing on it. This can reduce the lifespan of any roof and diminish the visual appearance of a home. 

This family was smart. Following the roof inspection they got Oates to fix all the issues. Which means the roof will keep protecting the Melbourne home for many years to come.

Benefits of a roof inspection

  1. Detecting early issues: Just like with your health, early detection is key when it comes to your roof’s well-being. A routine inspection can identify small problems, like loose tiles or minor leaks, before they escalate into more extensive and expensive issues.
  2. Prolonging lifespan of your roof: Roofs don’t last forever, but they can last a long time. Regular inspections and maintenance can extend your roof’s life, postponing the need for a costly replacement.
  3. Preserving your home’s value: A well-maintained roof enhances your Melbourne home’s curb appeal and overall value. A roof in good condition is a strong selling point when you decide to put your home on the market.
  4. Avoiding interior damage: Roof leaks are a major problem. They can damage ceilings, walls, insulation, your belongings and, even more concerning, the very structure of your home and electrical components. Detecting and addressing issues before they cause major problems can prevent costly damage.

How often should roof inspections be carried out?

Consider roof inspections part of your home’s maintenance plan, the same as you would your heating and cooling systems for example.

If your Melbourne home’s roof is relatively new, you can space roof inspections out further, say every few years. If your roof is old, however, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected more regularly as issues are more likely to arise. 

Weather conditions also have a part to play. If your area experiences a severe weather event, particularly high winds or heavy rail, moving forward a roof inspection makes a lot of sense.

What’s inspected during a roof inspection?

When you get Oates Roofing Maintenance to conduct a roof inspection, we’ll inspect every single part of your roof and more.

This includes your entire roof, plus your gutters and downpipes. It also includes all flashings, dektites, valley gutters, ridge caps on tiled roofs, cement bedding and any other sealings.

While not strictly part of your roof, we also inspect timber fascias, barge boards and gables. This is important because if a problem is found early the timber section can usually be fixed rather than replaced. Plus, damage to these timber areas are often an indicator of an issue with the roof – such as leaking gutters or downpipes.

Can you carry out a roof inspection yourself?

You can carry out a roof inspection yourself, however, for most people it’s not a good idea.

Not only will the majority of people not know what to look out for, or have the correct tools and equipment, safety is also a major concern. Too many people fall from ladders while doing work around their homes and wind up in the emergency department. 

In addition, the cost of roof inspections is relatively small.

When you consider how much you could save in the long run, the cost is almost insignificant.

Organise a roof inspection with Oates today.

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