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Spring into roof repairs for your Melbourne home

The last week has perfectly encapsulated a typical Melbourne spring. Cloudless skies and mild temperatures one day, windy, cloudy and cold the next. And to top it off, around 50 millimetres of rain in a couple of days across much of the city. Where else would you want to live?  While these variable conditions can be tough on us humans it can also be hard on roofs, which is why roof repairs are so common this type of year.

When you think about it (and we do, a lot!) roofs are pretty extraordinary things. From an aesthetic point of view, the roof is often one of the first things we notice about a house because it’s generally the largest surface area and can easily be viewed from the street. It can be the difference in having a home your proud of or one your ashamed of. Practically, your roof forms a vital defence against the elements and allows rainfall to flow to tanks or the Melbourne stormwater system.

Around Melbourne, there are many different types of roofing that you will see. Steel sheeting and concrete tiles are very common. Terracotta tiles, slate, asphalt shingles and other roofing materials can also be found. All these materials will do a great job – aesthetically and practically – however, over time issues can occur, particularly if maintenance is a bit lax. And in the case of a storm, the damage can occur instantaneously, with the falling of a tree, tree limbs or other debris.

That’s where roof repairs comes to the fore. Whether it’s fixing a leak, replacing a cracked tile, unclogging gutters or downpipes, or more major repair work, roof repairs are essential to keeping your roof and home in good condition.

Roof repairs in Melbourne is an essential service

Just in case you were wondering, repairing roofs in the Melbourne area is an essential service and can be completed during the current lockdown. So there’s no need to delay in getting your roof fixed (and you shouldn’t – see below). 

During the pandemic we are completing emergency works, such as fixing roof leaks, repairing storm damage, cleaning and repairing gutters and downpipes, vermin removal and anything else that can be classed as urgent. Our work is completely contactless, as it’s all completed externally. Plus, we are adhering to all necessary COVID-19 guidelines, to ensure you’re safe and so too are our people.

See our COVID-19 page for more details.

Don’t put off roof repairs

Let’s face it, many of us fall into the “I’ll get onto it tomorrow” category. Tomorrow I’ll do the housework. Tomorrow I’ll make an appointment for the dentist. Tomorrow I’ll go for a walk or a run, or start that new diet. Often, tomorrow never comes! 

But if your Melbourne roof needs repairs, it’s not a job that should be put off for long. Not fixing your roof when it needs repairs could mean that a simple and inexpensive job ends up costing you hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars:

  • A broken or shifted tile, ridge cap cement that has moved or a metal roofing sheet that’s flapping in a strong wind are all relatively minor and simple to fix. However, if not repaired early, these small issues can cause damage to interior plasterboard, structural timber, electrical components and insulation. They can also cause mould and mildew.
  • Similarly, a gutter that has not been cleaned in a long time and is overflowing, or clogged downpipe, is also easy and quick to fix. If left untreated, these issue can result in significant damage to timber in the eaves of your roof, interior plasterboard and structural timber.
  • If you have vermin in your roof it’s not just the nuisance of noise. The droppings and urine can be unhealthy and cause damage to your home, they can chew on electrical wires and pipes, gnaw on structural timber, displace insulation and damage plasterboard. It’s your home, not theirs. Evict them ASAP.

Contact the roofing experts

If your Melbourne home needs roof repairs, Oates Roofing Maintenance is the team to call. We have more than 40 years’ experience in the roofing industry, are fully licenced and insured, are working from heights certified and are a family business. In addition, we offer free, no-obligation quotes. Plus, we work right across the Melbourne area.

Call us today on 0435 695 466 or organise a quote via our website.

It’s worth pointing out that roof repairs isn’t all we do. For example, we also completely replace roofs, conduct cleaning, maintenance and inspections of roofs and restore roofs. In fact, if it’s got anything to do with roofs, chances are we do it! See our website for full information on the services – including roof repairs – that we offer Melbourne customers. 

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