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Roof Maintenance

Spring into roof cleaning and maintenance

Spring is a great time to, dare we say it, spring clean, but it’s not just inside that needs extra attention. It’s outside too and not just at ground level. Your roof can also benefit greatly from regular cleaning and maintenance, so let’s see the types of things you should be doing.

Roof cleaning

When most people think about roof cleaning they only consider the gutters. It’s somewhat understandable, because gutters full of leaves, mud or other debris, or downpipes that are blocked, can cause major damage. So a great way to start your spring roof cleaning is by cleaning your gutters and downpipes and inspecting them for any damage. This is such an important job that we recommend it’s done twice a year, so make a note in your calendar to revisit the job in autumn.

Don’t like the idea of cleaning your gutters and downpipes twice a year? We can’t blame you. The easiest way to say goodbye to this job is to have mesh gutter guards installed to divert leaves and rubbish away from your gutters. 

Roof cleaning isn’t just about gutters and downpipes. You can extend the life of your roof and increase its street appeal by regularly cleaning the rest of your roof. This process will remove the dirt, algae and moss that can accumulate and which can lead to bigger, more expensive problems down the track. 

Roof maintenance

If you clean your roof, gutters and downpipes regularly, chances are you won’t need to worry about roof maintenance all that often. But there will come a day when maintenance will need to be carried out on your roof.

Inspect your roof for any signs of damage that needs fixing. This may include loose or broken tiles, tile cement that is cracked or displaced, metal or polycarbonate sheeting that is lifting, flashing that is starting to rust, valley gutters that have corrosion and damage to fascias or other timber components. Get any issues you see fixed immediately, before they become a big issue.

Inspecting your roof regularly as part of an ongoing program of roof cleaning and maintenance can save you from major expenses in the long run.

Roof cleaning and maintenance with Oates

Regular roof cleaning and maintenance is a simple job. In fact, it’s so easy that you can do it from the comfort of your lounge chair!

That’s because Oates Roofing Maintenance can look after everything for you. Simply call us on 0435 695 466, or request a quote for roof cleaning and maintenance on our website

Using Oates is not just easier it’s a smart move. Why use Oates for your roof cleaning and maintenance?

  • For the average person, using ladders and getting on roofs can pose a safety risk, so it’s a job best left to the professionals.
  • The reliable and trustworthy people at Oates have years of experience and can identify problem areas before they become a big issue, saving you money.
  • You can be confident of an excellent roof cleaning and maintenance job when you use Oates.
  • We do it all, from roof cleaning and maintenance, downpipe replacement, re-roofing, fixing leaks, roofing inspections and even vermin control.

Contact Oates Roofing Maintenance today.

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