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Experience peace of mind as we expertly clear your roof of pests, creating a comfortable haven where you can relax without any unwanted guests.

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Got Something Up There?

At Oates Roofing Maintenance, we take roof care to a whole new level in Melbourne. Beyond fixing leaks and cleaning gutters, our professionals are ready to tackle even the toughest challenges, including vermin removal. Yes, it’s a demanding task, but we’re here to ensure your roof stays critter-free. Whether it’s rats, mice, possums, birds, or other critters causing issues, count on us to handle it all and keep your roof protected for the long haul.

With a lifetime commitment to quality work, we are experts not only in uplifting the structural integrity of your roof but also precisely eliminating unwanted pests, protecting your house with exceptional efficiency.

Kicking Out Unwanted Tenants

Pests may seriously compromise the safety of residents as well as the roof’s structural integrity. If they are allowed to get out of control, they can chew through roofing materials, build nests in strategic locations, and damage insulation. Here are some pests that you may want to start watching out for:

Rats & Mice

These rodents can cause significant damage to roofs by gnawing through materials, creating entry points, and building nests.


Possums are known to access roofs, causing damage through their scratching, chewing, and nesting behaviors.


Avian intruders, such as pigeons or seagulls, can damage roofs with their nesting activities, causing blockages in gutters and drains.

Carpenter Bees & Wasps

By burrowing into wooden structures, their activities can weaken the roof’s foundation, leading to potential leaks and structural instability if left unaddressed.

Concerns About Health

In addition to causing structural damage, pests can expose occupants to health concerns by carrying allergies and infections. Their presence introduces the risk of many health related diseases like the following:

Respiratory Problems

Respiratory issues from droppings and fur contain allergens that, when airborne, may trigger asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Skin Irritations

Pests can cause skin irritations and rashes upon contact. Itchy skin conditions may arise, posing discomfort and potential infections.

Allergic Reactions

The allergens present in pest droppings and dander may have individuals experience symptoms ranging from sneezing and itching to more severe responses.

Infections from Bites or Scratches

Pests like rodents may bite or scratch, leading to potential infections if not treated promptly. Tetanus and other bacterial infections are risks associated with such encounters.

Banishing Vermin is Necessary

Eliminating vermin is essential. The first sign that there are rodents in your roof is probably the noise they make when they scamper and munch, especially at night.

But rats and mice are more than simply an annoyance. They can damage your home and present health dangers with the pee and droppings they leave behind. If left unchecked, rodents may chew through electrical cables, leading to power outages or even a fire hazard. They might chew on your home’s pipes, causing leaks, damage your ceiling with urine, and push out insulation, which would lower the effectiveness of your home’s temperature control system.


Know What You’re in For

A closer look at the potential residents in your roof might shift your perspective on vermin control. Take the Norway rat, a relentless gnawer with a remarkable reproductive rate—up to 6 litters a year, each boasting 10 pups. Known for devouring practically anything, these rodents can become a destructive force in your home.

On the other hand, the aptly named roof rat showcases impressive climbing abilities, with a slightly less prolific breeding pattern but still managing up to 40 pups annually. By hiring a skilled roof pest removal service like Oates Roofing, you can protect not just the lifespan of your roof but also the comfort and health of your house, making it a safe sanctuary for you and your family.

Think vermin control in your roof is unnecessary now? Call Oates at the first sign of vermin in your roof.

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