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Roofing Inspections

Roofing inspections from an expert can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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Why roofing inspections?

Believe it or not but the roof on your home is what protects you from the elements. By making sure your roof stays in good shape and remains leak and rust free, then regular inspections need to be performed. When did you last have your roof inspected?

We will inspect all important areas of your roof, including all gutters and downpipes.

Using a professional roofer for your roof’s inspection will allow you to avoid the expensive and time-consuming problems. that may occur. Our roofers with years of experience, will reduce the odds of a water damage to your home. Our team will pinpoint problem areas before they spiral out of control and force expensive repairs or even a full roof replacement.

Metal roof sheets

Metal sheets may shows signs of rust after around 10 years, especially for those who live closer to the beach. We will identify and fix or replace any rusted metal sheets allowing water to enter. This will give your roof a longer life and prevent any water damage from occurring beneath the sheets.

Polycarbonate roofs

Over time polycarbonate roofs can become brittle, thus allowing water to enter through the cracks. Polycarbonate roofs are also often installed with the incorrect screws also causing leaks.

A lot of damage can occur during storms on older polycarbonate roof sheets that have been weathered or not sealed correctly.


It is always important to inspect and perform regular maintenance on dektites. More often then not seals become loose lifting the dektite. This allows water to enter the roof cavity. If this occurs the dektites will require resealing.

Timber, fascia, barge and gable

Timber fascia:
  • Often become rotted / weathered overtime and will require maintenance, this can also be caused by gutters not being cleaned regularly allowing the water to run over the back of the gutters down the timber fascia.
  • We will replace all timber to match in with existing and paint to match the existing fascia.
  • Often become rotted / weathered overtime and will require maintenance to either paint the timber to weather protect it or replace the rotted section.
  • Often become rotted / weathered overtime and will require maintenance to either paint the timber to weather protect it or replace the rotted section.
  • Usually the scotia timber require replacing along the gable that hold up the cement bedding underneath the gable tiles.

Flashings – chimney, skylight and apron

Flashings can become rusted over time and can create rust holes that can leak.

Regular maintenance is required to make sure all joins are sealed and rivets/screws are sealed correctly.

External gutters and downpipes

Regular cleaning maintenance is essential to all gutter and downpipes. Tree debris can block the exit points which restrict the water from escaping, this results in water running over the back of the gutter and into the eaves causing water damage.

Box gutters

If they are blocked or the water is not exiting correctly the water can dam up and run back into the roof cavity causing damage to the inside of the building

correct overflow provisions are always essential to reduce the risk of water damage from gutters and downpipes.

Valley gutters

Regular cleaning maintenance is essential with valley iron, often if the bottom of the valleys are blocked, the water creates a new course back into the roof line.

Valley iron can often become rusted over time and cause leaks often requiring replacement.

Cement Bedding

The cement bedding under the tiles in the valleys can often displace and fall out completely or create cracks redirecting water into the roof cavity. We often recommend removing the cement bedding and fit valley/storm seal which supports the tile and allows water to exit freely.

Tiles and ridge caps

The cement bedding under the ridge caps can become displaced and in some areas it can fall out completely. Caused by: high winds, gravity and possums. Rain will enter under the ridge caps and cause leaks, in some cases the ridge caps can slide out of position completely causing roof tiles to move and cause huge roof leaks internally.

Gable Tiles
  • The cement bedding underneath the gable tiles often required recement bedding due to cracks and displacement
  • All recement bedding has flexible pointing installed over the cement bedding to protect it.  Flexible pointing is a flexible and extremely durable coating that is applied to the bedding used to fix ridge caps to the roof. It does not crack with the natural expansion and contraction of the roof because it is flexible properties. This also come in different colours to match the roof tiles in with the cement bedding.
  • Replace metal roof with new metal colorbond or zicalum roof sheets in the correct profile
  • Replace tiled roofs with new colorbond metal
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