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Peak Performance Assurance

With our thorough roof inspections, you can protect your house against leaks, damage, and unanticipated surprises, giving you peace of mind. Experience the assurance that comes from having a sturdy roof that has been carefully inspected and strengthened for many years to come.

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40 years of Experience in Roof Inspection Standards

What’s Included in Roof Inspection?

We conduct thorough roof inspections, covering key areas like gutters and downpipes, to detect and resolve issues early on, preventing expensive damage. Oates specializes at seeing issues that others might overlook thanks to his wealth of knowledge, protecting your house from potential water damage. You can rely on us to offer advice that goes above and beyond the minimum to guarantee a long-lasting, sturdy roof.

Oates Roofing will conduct a comprehensive examination of critical sections on your roof, ensuring a thorough inspection of gutters and downpipes and everything in between.

Opting for a professional roofer to inspect your roof helps prevent potential expensive and time-consuming issues. With years of experience, our team minimizes the risk of water damage by identifying and addressing problem areas before they escalate into costly repairs or necessitate a complete roof replacement.

Metal Roof Sheets

After over a decade, homes in Melbourne, especially those near coastal areas, may notice the onset of rust on metal sheets. Our experts specialize in identifying and replacing rusted sheets, shielding against potential water damage.

Timber Fascia, Barge, and Gable

Rotted or weathered timber components can jeopardize your roof’s strength. Our maintenance and replacement services focus on preserving the integrity of these elements, ensuring a resilient roof.

Polycarbonate Roofs

With time, polycarbonate roofs can turn brittle, potentially allowing water entry. Our team addresses these issues through specialized inspections and repairs, securing your home against damages.

Cement Bedding

Cracked or displaced cement bedding can compromise your roof’s longevity. We specialize in inspecting and replacing such bedding, ensuring a robust and enduring roof structure.

Tiles and Ridge Caps

Displaced cement bedding in tiles and ridge caps can lead to leaks. Our inspections and repairs focus on maintaining structural integrity, preventing potential leaks, and preserving your roof.


Regular inspections and maintenance of dektites, specialized sealing devices, are crucial for optimal roof protection. Trust us to secure your roof with these specialized measures.

External Gutters and Downpipes

Essential cleaning maintenance is key to preventing blockages and ensuring proper water flow. Count on us to maintain clear pathways for effective drainage.

Box and Valley Gutters

Effective water drainage relies on addressing blockages and potential water backup concerns. Our services ensure unobstructed water flow for your box and valley gutters.

Flashings (Chimney, Skylight, Apron)

Thorough inspections ensure proper sealing protection for chimneys, skylights, and aprons. Our expertise guarantees the effectiveness of these protective measures for your roof.

We created Australia’s driest pub!! Check out our roof re-fit of the Notting Hill Hotel. 

Looking for roofing experts in Melbourne? Look no further than Oates Roofing Maintenance. We specialise in all types of roof repairs, restorations, and leak prevention. Whether your roof is tiled or metal, our skilled team can handle it all.
The Oates Roofing team took on the challenge of re-fitting the Notting Hill Hotel in Melbourne by addressing a range of roofing issues with unmatched expertise. The hotel is an iconic community hub that required a facelift, with the focus being on the roof due to water woes causing headaches.

A Roof Inspection from Oates Roofing could Save you Thousands

While there are obvious signs that your roof needs attention, such as water dripping through your ceiling, not all roof leaks and issues with roofs are obvious. 

This is why a regular roof inspection, from the experts at Oates Roofing Maintenance, is so beneficial. Our professional team can find any issues that others may miss. Issues that could lead to significant and costly damage to your home. A roof inspection is a relatively small expense that could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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