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Revitalize, Reinforce, Renew

Roof restoration is like giving your roof a refreshing makeover. You can trust Oates for maintaining your entire roofing and gutter system, addressing issues like loose or damaged tiles, sheets, fascias, flashings, and fastenings.

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Roof Restoration? What’s that For?

Roof restoration systems give a building owner a financial advantage over tear-off costs and a long-lasting, sustainable replacement substrate that will last the building’s lifetime.

Any problems you may have with your roof can be resolved with a roof restoration. It could be correcting leaks, repointing and bedding ridge caps, repairing gutters and downpipes, replacing rusted metal roofing sheets and other parts, or any of a host of other problems that keep your roof from functioning at its optimum. To make sure your roof not only performs its function, a Roof Cleaning may also be needed.

Why Roof Restoration vs. Reroof?

Reduced Expense

Save money by just fixing the parts that are damaged or causing problems. This suites roofs with only minor issues.

Shorter Timeframe

Repairs can be finished more rapidly since they target particular areas. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a rejuvenated roof sooner.


By minimizing the need to dispose of old roofing materials in landfills, roof restoration is an environmentally responsible option.

However, it is good to remember that a lot has to be considered first when choosing the right service for your house. Seeking professional advice is the best step to ensure that you will be selecting the service that would make the most out of your money and time.

For a stress-free, trusted, and excellent quality Roof Restorations, contact Oates Roofing and we will provide a quote on both services and good advice, so you can make the best decision.

Venturing north of the city, our dedicated team goes the extra mile to revive an ageing roof, creating not only a weather-resistant shield but also a revitalised living space for the homeowner. Witness the transformation unfold as we blend craftsmanship with innovation.
Watch as the skilled Oates Roofing team breathes new life into an ageing roof through meticulous restoration. Witness the transformation that restores both beauty and durability. Elevate your home with the artistry of roof restoration!

Your Roof Needs that Makeover!

Up to 50% of the outside of your house is made up of your roof, which is totally exposed to the weather and a lot other materials. Due to the constantly changing weather in Melbourne, your roof is often subjected to harsh circumstances and sooner or late, the weather will eventually take its toll on your roof’s capacity to keep water out of your house.

Regular roof inspections and restorations are essential to ensure longevity and optimal performance, protecting your home from potential water damage and costly repairs in the future. Trust our experienced team to safeguard your roof and keep your home secure through every season.

Oates Roofing offers services for all types of roofs in Melbourne.

Storms lead to roof repairs in Melbourne area

Cement Tile Roof

You can trust Oates in the excellent restoration of your cement tile roof. A cement tile roof restoration from Oates is a low-cost option to improve the appearance of your existing roof, repair any faults, and reduce heat absorption. Our equipment and high-quality service will ensure that your cement tile roof not only functions more efficiently, but also looks great.

Terracotta Tile Roof

Terracotta roof tiles are beautiful, but they gather moss over time and may grow softer and weaker. They are naturally damp and retain more moisture than cement tiles when moss grows. Oates has developed an effective restoration service that will return your terracotta tiles to like-new condition. Oates Roofing and Maintenance’s terracotta tile roof restoration ensures that your roof performs effectively and looks wonderful all year.

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