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Roof Leaks

Roof leaks requires an experienced roof plumber to correctly identify the source of the leak and quickly and effectively remove the leak properly to ensure it does not come back.

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40+ years experience

Leaking roofs can cause serious damage to your home.

Our team at Oates Roofing are experts in the identification, detection and repair of roof leaks Melbourne homeowners can rely on every time. With over 25+ years experience in the industry, you can be sure that we have seen almost every possible roof leak imaginable. You can be confident that we’ll know exactly how to deal with the leak you’re facing.

Does your rook leak after a storm or heavy rainfall?

Storms are one of the biggest causes of roof leaks Melbourne home owners face. Bringing out buckets every time a storm rolls in is more then just an inconvenience. If you leave leaks unchecked/long enough, they can cause significant damage to your home. Rather then putting up with a roof leak, Oates Roofing team of experts can search for and identify the leak and quickly rectify the situation. A Roof inspections will help prevent roof leaks from occurring at your home.

If its an emergency please call this number 0438 444 259 and we will come out ASAP to get you out of trouble. Roof leaks that have been caused by storm damage may also be claimable through your home insurance. 

Major causes of rook leaks

1. Tile damage

If there’s damage to your tiles either from a hailstorm, harsh rainfall or purely because of wear and tear, you can be sure that your roof will start leaking.

2. Overflow

Corrugated roofing and low pitched tile roofs may begin to leak around the laps. Some gutter designs are more prone to overflowing than others.

3. Poor Designs

If your roof wasn’t designed appropriately or flashings weren’t installed where needed, there’s a high chance of a leak.

4. Broken cement bedding on ridge caps

Broken cement around or on ridge caps can easily allow water to enter your roof space and cause some serious damage.

5. Rusted flashing, capping, box gutters/ internal gutters

Swarf not properly removed form new roofs can cause rust to build on flashings, cappings, internal gutters and box gutters. 

6. Blocked and overflowing gutters

Blocked/overflowing gutters can allow water to run back up and into your roof. having your roof maintained regularly will ensure that your gutters are always empty to allow water to flow properly and where it should.

7. Faulty flashings

Faulty flashings that do not fit properly or cover and seal the area they are supposed to can also allow water to enter your home. 

8. Skylights

Poorly installed skylights or skylights with crakcs in them can also cause water to seep into your home.

Oates Roofing are experts in roof leak detection and repairs. With over 40 + years experience we have seen every possible type roof leak. If a roof leak has occurred immediately after a heavy storm, chances are that it is related to storm damage. You may be able to claim the roof repairs and internal damage through your home insurance.

If it’s an urgent matter, we can come out immediately and install tarps and temporarily seal to get you out of trouble until the roof is repaired. CALL NOW

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