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Reroofing Services

Renovate your house with remarkable skill and accuracy. Superior roofing solutions are provided by our team of skilled professionals, who combine durability and style to create an everlasting structural masterpiece.

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Why is Reroofing Necessary?

While fixing roof leaks and restoring roofs are preferable options if your roof is in good general condition, in some cases, it’s more cost effective to have your old roof completely replaced with a new one. A reroof will fix any issues and improve the performance of your roof by adding insulation and ventilation to your roof space. 

More than just a decorative improvement, roofing is an essential investment in your home’s durability and lifespan. Entrusting your roofing to our expert technicians will not just improve your property’s aesthetic but will also strengthen it against elements, providing long-lasting protection and peace of mind. As home owners, it is natural that we put great consideration with upcoming major home changes since we want to ensure a successful renovation. Reroofing involves many factors and questions such as:

What Would it Cost?

Does it give solution to damages?

Would it fit my house’s aesthetic?

What if I am looking for something specific?

Reroofing Doesn’t Have to be Stressful!

Experience first-hand the ease and assurance in the reroofing process with our expert team at your service, walking you through from the benefits, things to expect, and factors to consider. Transforming your home’s roof becomes a seamless journey when you choose a stress-free experience with us.

At Oates Roofing, we’ve got you covered! While fixing leaks and restoring roofs work wonders for well-maintained structures, sometimes a brand new roof is the most cost-effective choice. It is essential during renovations or solar panel installations because a strong roof is our commitment to your lasting peace of mind.

Trust Oates Roofing‘s expertise for a seamless roof replacement in Melbourne.

With over 40 years of roofing experience in Melbourne and its surrounding areas, Oates Roofing Maintenance has successfully reroofed hundreds of homes. Count on our quality services, sound advice, and friendly approach to ensure your home is in safe and capable hands with Oates.

How much would reroofing cost you

It isn’t cheap to reroof a home. Numerous aspects are taken into consideration in order to determine the final cost. This includes the roof’s dimensions, pitch or steepness, height, need for structural timber repairs, accessibility, and, of course, the materials selected. You may contact Oates over a phone call for a cost estimate, but for firm quotes, our team will come over for a visit at your place. When weighing costs, it’s crucial to remember that sometimes repairing an old roof can be just as expensive as installing a new one.

Will a reroof fix existing issues?

Absolutely. Whatever is currently an issue with your current roof will be fixed when you reroof your home and you won’t have to worry about the issues again. A reroof can also fix any issues you can’t see, such as rot in structural timber. Plus, a reroof with give your home a new modern finish.

Will the new roof look the same as the old roof?

Oates can effectively source any colour of roofing material, if you want your new roof to look the same as your old roof. For example, if you’re after the same metal roof and colour, or the same style and colour tiles. However, if you’d prefer a change, we can do that too. We could even replace your tile roof with a new metal roof. 

Curb appeal

Your roof is one of the most visible features of a home and when it comes to curb appeal, one of the most important. Undertaking a reroof will not only fix any issues and protect your home, it will make your home look more beautiful. This will add tremendous value to your home if you do decide to sell in the future.

Our expertise

When you work with Oates Roofing you can be confident in knowing you’re working with experts roofers with over 40+ years of experience. We know how to get the job done right.

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