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Gutter Maintenance

Gutters left unchecked can cause some serious damage to your home. Regular gutter maintenace will ensure that you don’t run into bigger problems later down the track.

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Why gutter maintenance?

One of the most important parts of home maintenance is the regular cleaning and repair of gutters and downpipes. Leaves, mud and standing water can accumulate here, causing a far more expensive problem to fix. Clogged gutters and downpipes are prone to rust, corrosion and rotting.

Dirt, leaves and debris can clog your gutter. This will cause your gutters to overflow.

Gutters and downpipes should be cleaned twice a year. Once in Autumn after all the leaves have fallen but before the Winter rains really start to kick in. The second time is at the end of Winter coming into Spring to clear away the accumulated debris that arrives with the Winter rains.

Gutter prevention

We naturally recommend that you have your gutters cleaned and inspected regularly so that we can pick up potential problems very early on. We can perform minor repairs to prevent further damage occurring to your home.

In the event of damage detection, damaged areas need to be fixed quickly. At Oates Roofing Maintenance we can carry out minor repairs to full guttering replacements.

We also ensure that the gutter surrounds are in tip-top shape. If any damage has occurred to fascia or scotia we can repair and paint those as well.

Gutter durability

Even with proper care and maintenance, your drainage system will eventually develop signs of corrosion as a result of element exposure. Eventually damage will occur and require corrective action. If you don’t act when you first notice leaking gutters you are risking damage to facia boards, scotia and internal roof leakage.

Clogged gutters

How do you prevent clogged gutters and downspouts in the first place? The easiest way is to have mesh gutter guards professionally installed; this diverts the majority of rubbish away from your gutters, falling harmlessly on the ground.

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