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Downpipe Replacement

Are your downpipes starting to show signs of rust and  causing leaks down your walls? Perhapes it’s time to have your downpipes replaced.

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Replacing your downpipes

An important aspect of home maintenance is the regular cleaning and repair of gutters and downpipes. Clogged downpipes are prone to rust, corrosion and rotting. This issue can cause costly problems for your home if left unchecked.

Dirt, leaves and debris can clog your downpipes. This will cause your downpipes to overflow.

Keeping your downpipes and gutters clean should be done around 3 times a year to ensure that there are no blockages or a build up of dirt, leaves and debris.

Do the gutters overflow with rainwater whenever it rains?

Was the answer to the above questions yes? Then it’s likely the down pipes and gutters are blocked up with leaves or other debris such as tree bark, branches and sticks.

Can you see water stains building up on the roof ceilings?

Even with proper care and maintenance, your drainage system can eventually show signs of corrosion as a result of element exposure. This will cause damage to occur and require corrective action. If you don’t act when you first notice leaking gutters you are risking damage to facia boards, scotia and internal roof leakage.

Do the rain gutters or down pipes drip during wet weather?

How do you prevent clogged gutters and downspouts in the first place? The easiest way is to have mesh gutter guards professionally installed; this diverts the majority of rubbish away from your gutters, falling harmlessly on the ground.

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