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Unleashing Creativity through Architectural Cladding

Elegant and motivational, the rise of architectural metal cladding is swiftly gaining popularity among Melbourne residences. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this robust material boasts strength, durability, excellent protection against Melbourne’s elements, lightweight properties, fire resistance, and recyclability.

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Oates Roofing offers expert services in the provision and installation of cutting-edge architectural metal cladding

At Oates Roofing, we’re not just experts in the roof game– we’re also metal cladding wizards! Whether you’ve got a cozy home or a grand commercial space, we’ll bring your vision to life with picture-perfect metal cladding. Go ahead, dream big! With Oates Roofing at your service, your dream building is just a phone call away.

Discover the possibilities of architectural metal
cladding. Contact Oates today to explore our extensive collection of metal cladding profiles and options.

What is Architectural Cladding?

Architectural cladding is a versatile exterior covering that enhances a building’s façade and provides protection against environmental factors. Materials used include metal, stone, wood, and composite materials, chosen based on location, climate, and desired appearance.

Popular cladding types include rainscreen systems, metal panels, and fiber cement siding. Cladding is an essential element in modern building design, contributing to both functionality and visual appeal.

Why settle for basic when you can go bold with architectural metal cladding?

Weather Resilience

Architectural metal cladding offers reliable
protection to buildings and occupants
against Melbourne’s unpredictable weather,
including rain, wind, and intense sunlight.

Aesthetic Elegance

Oates Roofing offers architects and designers the ability to be creative and redefine building aesthetics with a variety of finishes and textures.

Installation Expertise

Oates Roofing specializes in supplying and installing architectural metal cladding. Our experienced team ensures precision and quality
while adhering to high standards of craftsmanship, bringing design visions to life

Strength and Durability

Metal cladding is not only visually appealing but also durable and strong. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and acts as a protective shield, ensuring the longevity of a structure while minimizing maintenance requirements.

Sustainable Solutions

Architectural metal cladding can be made eco-friendly and recyclable, providing a durable and sustainable solution that minimizes environmental impact and aligns with sustainability goals in construction.

Fire Resistance

Metal cladding enhances building safety and provides peace of mind to occupants in case of fire hazards due to its fire-resistant properties.

What profiles are available?

While the standard corrugated profile that you’ll often find on Melbourne roofs is perfectly suitable for the top of your home, most people are looking for something different for their walls. And with today’s architectural metal cladding, you can have it. There are a variety of profiles available, including the standing seam that features folded sections between each panel, snaplock that includes a ribbed profile that easily snaps together, flatlock that is thin and flush. These are just examples. You can even choose to have a custom profile.

What colours are available?

While grey architectural metal cladding is popular around Melbourne, it’s not your only choice. Metal wall cladding is available in a variety of colours to suit everyone’s taste and every home’s colour scheme. Whichever colour you choose, you’ll love the fact that the colour is as long-lasting as the materials itself and will look its best for many decades.

Contact Oates Roofing for architectural metal cladding

At Oates Roofing Maintenance, we can provide a large range of architectural metal cladding solutions. Whichever profile, colour or other feature you require, Oates can help. 

When you use Oates for your new build, renovation or extension, you are guaranteed to enjoy the highest quality. The highest quality workmanship, with our professional team, and the highest quality materials. We source our metal cladding from specialist manufacturing companies, to ensure it will be strong, durable, long-lasting and extremely waterproof.

You provide the vision and we’ll provide the solution.

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