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Roof leaks fixed for your Doncaster abode

Call it what you like – Doncaster or even by the local name of Donny – the suburb of Doncaster is no more immune from roof leaks than any other suburb of Melbourne. Or for that matter, any suburb in the world. Time, the elements, and normal wear and tear all take their toll on roofs and no matter what type of roof you have, eventually it will get a roof leak.

Fear not, however, because help is at hand. All you need do is phone Oates Roofing Maintenance and we’ll soon be there to plug the leak.

Of course, plugging roof leaks – or more correctly fixing them – is not all we do. In fact, if it’s a service for your Doncaster roof you require, there’s a very good chance we do it. Yes, of course roof leaks are our bread and butter and our qualified tradespeople are well adept at fixing them. But we also repair all manner of roof issues, maintain roofs, clean roofs, repair, replace and clean downpipes and gutters, and even completely replace roofs when the issues become too significant.

There’s not a problem that’s too big, there’s not an issue too small. Our one-stop-shop for roof repairs can quickly have your Doncaster roof in good order. 

The good news is that our roof services are also very competitively priced. So while our services are of the highest quality and our people helpful, professional and friendly, you won’t pay through the nose.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call on 0435 695 466. Alternatively, you can go to our website and complete one of our online forms

Note: The Donacaster area was settled in the mid-1800s by orchard farmers, mostly of German descent. They named it Waldau. The name Doncaster was gradually, adopted, however. One of Doncaster’s claims to fame is that it was the location of the first electric tram to run in Melbourne, in 1889. It originally ran from Doncaster to Box Hill, a distance of around 3.5 kilometres.


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