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How often should you clean your roof?

Let’s face it, cleaning the roof of your Melbourne home is not something that’s top of your mind. What to eat for dinner, whether it’s going to rain today or who to pick in tonight’s footy game are more likely to take priority. Roof cleaning, less so!

But should this be the case? How often should you have your roof cleaned? Every year, like some roofing companies would suggest, or less often?

Roof cleaning in Melbourne

Before we look at why you should clean your roof, let’s get to the main question. How often should the roof of your Melbourne home be cleaned?

Some roofing companies will tell you that roof cleaning should be completed once a year for most roofs. You might stretch this out to two years if the roof is new or in excellent condition.

What does Oates Roofing Maintenance say?  We believe that generally roof cleaning doesn’t need to be completed this often and the period of time can be extended.

Essentially, the true answer is that it will depend. Where you live, whether your roof receives a lot of shade, whether you have overhanging trees, whether you have lots of birds using your home to roost and other factors all come into play.

As a guide, it’s a good idea to have the roof of your Melbourne home cleaned every three to five years. We can provide our recommendation for your individual circumstances when we visit.

Why is regular roof cleaning required?

You should think of your roof as a long-term investment. Treat it well, by regularly conducting cleaning and maintenance, and you can easily get 25 to 50 years, or even more from your roof.

Put simply, regular cleaning will help to extend the lifespan of your roof. When you consider that reroofing your Melbourne home will cost many thousands of dollars, and often tens of thousands of dollars, getting your roof cleaned every few years makes financial sense.

Here are other reasons why roof cleaning is a required:

  • Cleaning your roof will remove any algae, lichens and moss that can build up over time. Algae, lichens and moss can not only damage your roof and reduce its lifespan, but it’s also an eyesore and will increase energy costs in summer.
  • During cleaning, dirt, leaves, twigs, bird droppings and any other debris will be removed. This will increase your roof’s lifespan and prevent maintenance issues, such as roof leaks and blocked gutters and downpipes.
  • A regular clean will keep your roof looking like brand new. This will enhance your home’s street appeal and will add value to your home, particularly when it’s time to sell.
  • If you get your roof cleaned by professionals (i.e. Oates Roofing Maintenance) we’ll also inspect your roof as part of the process. We may see issues that can cause problems down the track and get them fixed before any damage is done.

Roof cleaning is a job for professionals

Before you get out the ladder and the high pressure sprayer to clean the roof of your Melbourne home, it’s important to realise that it’s a job best left to professionals.

Not only is safety a concern, particularly when working from heights on wet, slippery surfaces, roof cleaning must also be done correctly.

For example, standard high pressure sprayers can certainly get a roof clean, but they’re also likely to cause damage. You may end up with water damage inside your roof or broken tiles or shingles. You can also erode the surface of your roof.

It’s also important to use the correct chemicals and cleaners, to effectively clean your roof and not cause any damage.

A professional will use the correct equipment and cleaning materials. They’ll do the job right without causing any damage to your roof. All you’ll need to do is admire the end result!

Cleaning roofs in Melbourne is just one of our services

If you live in Melbourne and want to have your roof cleaned, give Oates Roofing Maintenance a call on 0435 695 466. You can also submit a quote form on our website. We’ll then provide a quote to have the cleaning conducted and provide advice on how regular cleaning should be carried out.

Cleaning roofs in Melbourne is just one of our services. We also fix roof leaks, maintain roofs, replace gutters and downpipes, reroof and more. In fact, you can think of us as a one stop shop for all roofing work.

Oates services all areas of Melbourne and surrounds. Phone today – your roof will thank you!

Roof cleaning in Melbourne is best left to the professionals.

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