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Roof Leaks

Melbourne winter rains and roof leaks costly combination

The savage storm that hit Melbourne and other parts of Victoria in June left many homes in the area damaged, but with a bit of luck for you and your home it was nothing more than a leaking roof. Because, while roof leaks can cause a lot of damage (see below), fixing them only takes one phone call.

Not fixing roof leaks straight away can be a costly decision

If the roof leak on your Melbourne home is only minor, the temptation may be to put it off for a while. Put it off until the weather turns nicer, until there’s more money in the bank, until you have a chance to take a closer look, and so on. We get it, we all procrastinate on these types of decisions, but not fixing a roof leak straight away could cost you hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars

Let us explain.

Roof leaks in Melbourne and surrounds – or for that matter anywhere in the world – are often simple to fix when you know what you’re looking for. A broken tile, a tile that’s shifted, broken cement around ridge caps, blocked gutters or downpipes, and a myriad of other problems are all examples of simple issues that can occur on any roof that can cause a leak. They’re generally quick, easy and cheap to fix.

They’ll still be easy to fix in a few weeks or months’ time, but the damage they cause in the meantime can become very costly. The type of damage can include:

  • Damage to plasterboard ceilings and walls. Plasterboard doesn’t handle moisture well. Catch a leak quickly and you may only need to clean the area or repaint it. But if roof leaks aren’t fixed and your plasterboard is regularly exposed to moisture, eventually the integrity of the plasterboard will become affected and it will need to be replaced.
  • While structural timber inside the walls and roof of your Melbourne home are obviously stronger than plasterboard, over time it too will become affected by damp conditions. Eventually it will become weak and can even collapse. Imagine how much it’s going to cost to fix this type of damage, caused by a simple roof leak?
  • We all know that water and electricity doesn’t mix. A roof leak can potentially damage electrical cabling, circuits and other components. The damage that this can cause isn’t the only concern, there’s also the safety risks to consider, as water damage to electrical components can cause fires and electrocution.
  • Simple roof leaks can also lead to a serious health issue, due to the mould and mildew which will be encouraged to grow. This can be particularly hazardous for those with high sensitivity to mould and mildew.
  • Unchecked roof leaks are also likely to damage the insulation in your roof and perhaps your walls. Insulation will gradually lose it effectiveness. If you don’t replace it you’ll be faced with higher energy bills and a home that is hotter in summer and colder in winter.

Roof leaks fixed with one phone call

The information about the damage that roof leaks can cause can be pretty heavy, but thankfully there is a simple solution to help you lighten the load. 

Simply call Oates Roofing Maintenance on 0435 695 466. We have over 40-years’ experience in the industry and we also undertake all other roof repair work. Plus, we operate throughout the entire Melbourne area, including the Mornington Peninsula.
Give us a call today or request a quote on our website. Your roof leak will soon be a thing of the past.

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