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How to stop a roof leak during a Melbourne storm

The rain of last week will be practically a distant memory for most people, although perhaps not for those Melbourne homeowners whose yards resembled a snowfield after a significant dump of hail. Like during any rainfall, however, roof leaks occur. And you can bet that those homeowner’s memory of the rain is way too fresh in their minds.

What do you do if your Melbourne roof leaks during a storm or heavy rain? Should you climb on the roof during the rain and try to fix the issue before it causes damage? Should you get out the buckets and wait until the rain stops. Or should you call someone who fixes roof leaks and hope they’re available?

The quick roof leak solution

If you do notice your roof leaking during a storm or heavy rain, generally when water drips into your home, it can pay to do a quick check. By looking for the source of the roof leak, you may be able to quickly fix it. For example, when a roof tile has moved or when a gutter or downpipe has blocked.

Finding the source of a roof leak on your Melbourne home isn’t always easy for the inexperienced. Many times, it will be directly above or near where the rain is entering the home. However, this isn’t always the case. There are times where the source is some distance away.

If you can see the source of the roof leak and you can fix it quickly, that’s terrific. Just be mindful of your safety, however. More than 50,000 people end up in hospital after a fall from a ladder each year in Victoria. You certainly don’t won’t to join them.

Getting up on ladders can be dangerous for inexperienced people at the best of times. During rain and strong winds, when the ground and roof is wet, the danger increases.

The reduce the damage solution

Another option to use if your roof leaks is to place a tarp over the section of the roof where the leak is coming from. This isn’t going to fix the leak, but it will at least reduce the damage and alleviate the issue until you can get a roof leak professional to your Melbourne home. Again, however, be mindful of your safety.

A simpler solution, which is perfectly safe, is to get buckets to catch the water drips inside your home. This isn’t going to safeguard your ceiling or the inside structure of your roof, but it will at least protect your furniture, carpet and other furnishings. 

The call out the experts solution

Another option is to call out a roofing professional the moment you notice your Melbourne roof is leaking. Keep in mind, however, that during rain and storms, it’s unlikely your roof is the only one to leak. So, you may need to be patient and use buckets to capture water inside your home until someone can arrive.

Oates Roofing Maintenance has an after hours and urgent phone number you can call for emergency jobs. Phone 0438 444 259 and we’ll do our best to get to your home as soon as possible.

The less obvious roof leaks

Another important point to make it that not all roof leaks in Melbourne homes will be obvious. While water dripping from a ceiling is likely to be noticed, it’s important to look out for other signs of damage.

What should you look for?

  • Water stains on ceilings is a sign that your roof could be leaking. It’s no point trying to clean the stains or paint over them, as you’re not fixing the problem and they’ll soon return. There are other possible reasons for water stains, such as a leaking pipe or cooling/heating system. But whatever is causing the damage, it will need to be repaired.
  • Similarly, bubbling on walls and ceilings, and peeling paint are often caused by a leaking roof. The same goes for water streaks on walls.
  • Mould or mildew growth can also be caused by roof leaks. Another common reason is poor ventilation, particularly in areas like the kitchen and in bathrooms where humidity can be high. 

Importantly, if you do see signs that the roof of your Melbourne home could be leaking, don’t sweep it under the carpet. The longer you leave a roof leak, the more damage it can cause. This can result in plasterboard needing to be replaced, structural damage, damage to items in your home, mould which can cause health issues, termites and electrical faults that can cause a fire. 

Contact Oates Roofing Maintenance

Who do you contact if the roof of your Melbourne home has a leak or you suspect it may have a leak? Contact Oates Roofing Maintenance.

Our professional team can fix your roof leak, no matter what’s causing the problem. We also undertake a wide range of other roofing services, including roof cleaning, roof repairs, complete roof replacements and roofing inspections.

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