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Roof Leaks

Fixing roof leaks is an essential service

The recent heavy rainfall has meant that homeowners right across Melbourne have discovered roof leaks that they never knew they had, so if this is the case for you, can you get your roof leak fixed now during the current COVID-19 restrictions? The simple answer is yes, fixing roof leaks is an essential service and you can get them fixed.

In fact, the good news is that when you choose Oats Roofing Maintenance you can get a wide range of services completed, even during lockdown. This includes fixing roof leaks, storm damage, blocked gutters and blocked downpipes from last weekend’s rain, as well as any other urgent work that has cropped up on your home. 

Our job is classified as an essential service, so it’s business as usual for us. Although, of course, you will see all our professionals taking extra care and following all COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. This includes the wearing of masks, social distancing measures and limiting the number of people on any one site. 

Plus, it’s worth noting that we don’t need to access the inside of your home to perform our work, so our essential service is also a contactless service. We can chat to you through your windows or over the phone and then you can leave everything to us while you make yourself a cuppa!

For more information of our services during COVID-19, please phone our friendly team on 0435 695 466 or email

Fixing roof leaks early 

While the fixing of roof leaks is an essential service and can be completed now, you might still think of putting it off for a few weeks. But before you do, consider the damage you could be doing to your home.

While some roof leaks may cause minor damage in the short-term, any roof leak can become a major issue if left unfixed. This may include requiring the relatively minor job of replacing a section of your ceiling or wall that has been rain damaged, right up to a roof collapsing due to structural damage. Roof leaks can even cause electrical faults, which can be deadly as well as financially crippling.

So our advice is to get a roof leak fixed as soon as you notice it. At this stage it is often a simple issue that can be fixed quickly and inexpensively.

Roof inspections

Fixing roof leaks is an essential service and can be completed during COVID-19, but what if you’re simply concerned about the condition of your roof and worried about the wear you can and perhaps can’t see?

Oats Roofing Maintenance can help with this too. Yes, we fix roof leaks, but we also conduct roofing inspections to identify issues and get them fixed before they cause damage. 

Our roofing inspection service includes checks on metal, polycarbonate and tiled roofing, fascias, barges and gables, flashings and aprons, gutters and downpipes, and more. It’s a thorough inspection that will give you peace of mind and could save you thousands of dollars in damage repair.

Contact the roofing experts

Whether you have a leaky roof (yes, it’s worth noting again, fixing roof leaks is an essential service) or want your roof inspected, there’s only one place to call: Oats Roofing Maintenance. Call us today on 0435 695 466 or organise a quote via our website.

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