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Roof Leaks

Fixing roof leaks in Moorabbin – that’s our job!

Did you know that Moorabbin is on track to record a higher than average yearly rainfall in 2020? You may not know, but the homeowners with the leaky roofs certainly do. They’re the ones that get out the buckets every time it rains or have to mop up the mess. They’re the ones that see the damage that roof leaks cause to their Moorabbin home growing and growing.

Roof leaks in Moorabbin can be costly

If you’re suffering from roof leaks in your Moorabbin home, the important thing to do is not put your head in the sand. Because a roof leak that’s not fixed quickly can cause potentially thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Roof leaks in your Moorabbin home can cause damage to ceiling and walls, result in harm to the structure of your home due to water damage, increase the chances of unhealthy and unsightly mould growing on your walls and ceilings, and even cause electrical faults and fires. 

Another important point to note about roof leaks in your Moorabbin home is that they might not always be obvious. On the inside of your home, look for signs such as dark spots on the ceilings or walls, water damage or sagging. On the outside, you might see a tile that has shifted or cracked, metal roofing that is deteriorated, gutters that are slow to drain or have weeds growing from them, or wear or discolouration around flashing or sealant.

My roof leaks – what should I do?

The first thing you may want to do is to take a little time to investigate the issue yourself. Roof leaks in Moorabbin can be caused by several factors (see below) and a common one is simply a tile that has shifted. This is something that the average DIYer can often fix themselves, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

However, if the source of the roof leak isn’t clear, or you’d prefer to get the experts in to fix even the smallest problem, then give Oats Roofing Maintenance a call. We are leak detection experts and experienced tradespeople with over 40-years’ experience in the industry. We can detect and fix leaks caused by:

  • Flashing and seals around items such as chimneys, skylights and pipes that have not been fitted properly or need to be re-sealed. 
  • Cracked tiles or tile mortar that needs maintenance.
  • Metal roofing that has weakened and deteriorated.
  • Boxed gutters that are blocked by debris or need replacing.
  • Debris in gutters. You’d be surprised what we’ve found growing in some gutters!

The leaky roof experts in Moorabbin

If you’re Moorabbin home has sprung a leak, contact Oats Roofing Maintenance today. We are an essential service so are open for business as usual. All our professionals tradespeople are following the necessary COVID-19 guidelines, including wearing of masks and social distancing. In fact, most if not all our work to fix roof leaks is completed outside, so our work is often completely contactless.

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