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Time for a Melbourne roof restoration?

Take a look at your Melbourne home from the street and what do you see. Has it got what real estate marketing would describe as street appeal? The type of home you’re happy to live in and others would want to look at, and potentially buy, if it was on the market. Or is there a very obvious part of your home that’s letting it down, namely your roof. Is it time for a roof restoration?

Roof Restoration

To reroof or roof restoration? That is the question

It’s commonly said that an image is worth a thousand words, but we reckon when it comes to the before images of the roof on this page only one word is required – disaster! So, do you think this roof simply needs restoration work or does it need a complete reroof?

In this case, it was a complete reroof job. The existing roof was extremely brittle, which meant that the home was suffering from multiple roof leaks. It also made for an unsafe structure, further hampering thoughts of roof restoration

So, with the decision made to completely undertake a reroof, our Oates Roofing Maintenance got to work on the home in Ringwood to first remove the old roofing materials and replace with new. 

The result, we’re sure you’ll agree, is a stark difference to how the home looked before the reroof work. That’s one of the benefits of reroofing. While the major determining factor to reroof is the condition of the existing roof and fixing associated issues (such as roof leaks), the end result is always a significant improvement on how the home looks. The roof is one of the most visible elements of your home and getting it reroofed will make it look beautiful and significantly heighten its curb appeal.

Should I reroof or undertake a roof restoration?

Getting your home reroofed will fix the issues you’ve been having with your old roof and give your home a facelift, but are you better off having your roof restored?

Like reroofing, a roof restoration will also fix issues with your roof and beautify your home. It could also save you thousands of dollars in the long run, by fixing expensive leaks that can cause significant damage to your home. Contact Oates Roofing Maintenance and we’ll fix all underlying issues, restore your tiles to their former glory and carry out any other work that’s required.

Whether you should have your roof completely replaced or restored essentially comes down to how bad your existing roof is, what work is required and your needs. It also comes down to cost. There’s no doubt that undertaking a complete roof is not a small job and neither is the cost, however, in some cases the cost of repairing a roof and re-colouring can be just as expensive. 

Let Oates help you make the decision

One of the benefits of using a team such as Oates Roofing Maintenance to undertake your roofing work is the breadth of our work. We don’t just rejuvenate roofs or fix roof leaks and clean gutters, we do the lot. So, we won’t push you in one direction or the other because it’s better for us.

Plus, we have over 40 years’ experience on the job. So, we’re well placed to provide the expert advice you need so you can make the decision that’s right for you and your home.
Call Oats on 0435 695 466 or you can organise a quote via the Oats Roofing Maintenance website.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration v roof replacement for your Melbourne home

With all the rain that Melbourne has experienced in the past few weeks, many homeowners have discovered their roof isn’t quite up to shape. With a bit of luck, if you have had an issue it’s a simple one to fix. For example, it might just be a cracked tile or rusted metal sheet that needs replacing. 

But what if your roof is looking a lot the worse for wear? Will a roof restoration do the job or is it time to bite the bullet and do a roof replacement on your Melbourne home?

Roof restoration 

While your roof protects you and your home 365 days of the year, the time when we really notice it the most is when it rains and we’ve had a fair bit of that in the past few weeks.

At some stage, every roof in Melbourne will benefit from a roof restoration. What’s the difference between roof repairs and roof restoration? Roof repairs generally take care of small issues, such as a broken tile, tile cement that needs fixing or a leaking gutter that needs replacing. Roof restoration, on the other hand, is a more involved process. 

During a roof restoration, minor issues such as broken tiles, tile cement issues, problems with gutters and downpipes, and rusted metal sheets will be fixed. At the same time, every aspect of your roof will be examined to detect issues that may not have been noticed yet. 

Plus, a roof restoration will involve giving your roof a thorough clean. This will entail removing moss, algae and any other build-up of debris. In the case of some materials, it may even involve resealing your roof. All this will prolong the life of your roof and help prevent issues down the track.

Essentially, a roof restoration will restore your roof to its former glory. It will look great and will ensure your roof works to protect your Melbourne home for the next several years and beyond. 

Roof replacement

Roof replacement may seem like a drastic and expensive exercise, and perhaps a last resort. However, while a roof restoration is usually cheaper than a roof replacement, there are some cases when the cost of replacing a roof can be less than restoring an old roof. Plus, you also need to weigh up cost versus the expected life span you’ll achieve by restoring your roof.

Roof replacement does have other advantages, as well.  Obviously, you’ll have the added benefit of having a completely new roof. All your roof issues will be fixed, your home will look great and your roof will protect your home for many years to come. 

Roof replacement also provides you with an option of replacing a tile roof with a metal roof, if you prefer. It’s worth noting that the opposite doesn’t apply, because tiled roofs require more framework to support the weight of the roof.

Which is better? Roof restoration v roof replacement for my Melbourne home?

The answer to this question is, it depends. 

Most roofs can be restored without the need for a roof replacement. However, if your roof is structurally unsound, has a significant number of issues or issues are severe, a roof replacement can be a better option. If your roof has previously been restored or is very old (perhaps over 50 years old) it may be better to have it replaced rather than carrying out a restoration.

The best thing to do if you are weighing up roof restoration v roof replacement on your Melbourne home is to get in touch with a professional roofing contractor. Only they will have the knowledge and expertise to be able to examine your roof and help you determine whether it’s best to restore or replace. 

For professional roofing contractors, look no further than Oates Roofing Maintenance. We conduct all manner of roof repairs, restoration and replacement, and can guide you on which is the best option in your circumstances. We can also provide a quote on both options to help you make a decision. We won’t steer you towards one option or the other. We’ll simply provide all the information so you can make an informed choice.

To organise a discussing with one of Oates Roofing Maintenance professionals, call us on 0435 695 466 or submit a quote form on our website. We’ll then organise a day and time with you to take a look at your roof.

Note: While restrictions are set to ease soon, thankfully, it’s important to note that most roofing work is classified as emergency work under Stage 4 restrictions and can be completed. So, don’t wait. Take action now to get your roofing issues resolved.

Roof Restoration

Roof and gutter replacement in Melbourne

Roof replacement and gutter replacement are bread and butter items for any respectable roofing business and if you’re looking for either service in Melbourne, Oates Roofing Maintenance are the people to choose.

Roof replacement in Melbourne

Chances are if your roof needs to be replaced, you’ve had issues before. You may have experienced leaks, had cracked or broken tiles, noticed ridge capping that was loose, mortar that was cracked or missing, metal roofing sheets that were lifting or moss and debris building up. While any of these issue on their own might be able to be repaired, eventually there will come a time for a complete roof replacement.

Having the roof replaced on your Melbourne home isn’t a decision to make lightly, nor is it cheap, but sometimes it does makes sense. A roof replacement will fix any and all of the issues mentioned above and more. In addition, a roof replacement will improve your home’s insulation performance and roof space ventilation. 

The other important benefit of a roof replacement for your Melbourne abode is your home’s street appeal. The roof is one of the most visible features of a house, so having the roof replaced can make a huge difference to its look.

If you are tossing up between having a full roof replacement completed or getting your existing roof repaired, contact Oates Roofing Maintenance for a quote. We service all areas of Melbourne and can guide you on which option is best for your home.

Gutter replacement in Melbourne

Like the roof, gutters don’t last for ever and there will come a day when you will need to consider a gutter replacement on your Melbourne home.

While good gutter maintenance (more on this soon) will help extend the life of your gutters, there are signs to look out for that could indicate your gutters need replacing. In particular, you may notice your gutters leaking or dripping after rain. It’s important to take corrective action if you do notice leaks or drips – and this may include gutter replacement – because you could be risking damage to your home.

One of the common reasons for gutters leaking is simply that they or the downpipes are blocked or full of rubbish. Oates recommend that you clean your gutters regularly of leaves

and other debris as this is the easiest way of preventing blockages. At the same time, it’s a great idea to inspect your gutters to pick up any potential problems. Oates can help with both as these are also services we provide for homeowners in Melbourne.

Minor damage to gutters can be fixed (yes, we do that too!) but when corrosion or other damage becomes too great, a full gutter replacement for your Melbourne home needs to be carried out. Again, you can contact Oates for a quote to get the job done.

Oates are here to help

Oates Roofing Maintenance services all parts of Melbourne and as well as roof replacements and gutter replacements, we carry out all services relating to roofs. 

In fact, you could call us the roof experts. Or call us whatever you like, as long as you call us. Our phone number is 0435 695 466!

Roof Restoration

Garage roof replacement a shining example

What would you call the state of the garage roof pictured on this page before Oates Roofing Maintenance began work? We’d call it a disaster. What would you call the after images, once the garage roof had been replaced? We’d call it a 100% success story!

The garage roof replacement was completed on a home in the Melbourne suburb of Canterbury. The before images clearly show that the existing roof was literally falling apart and was being used as a dumping ground as much as a cover for the garage. Nails and metal roofing sheets were lifting, timber was rotting, the metal sheets were rusting over a large area and there were more holes and leaks than you’d find in most slices of Swiss cheese.

The Canterbury roof replacement involved ripping everything out and starting from scratch. New Zincalume roofing sheeting was chosen by the home owners. It’s a tough, durable and reliable product that the manufacturer claims will last four times longer than galvanised steel. It’s thermally efficient, scratch and corrosion resistant and easy to maintain. 

In short, this Canterbury garage roof replacement will likely last longer than the garage it sits on!

Zincalume garage roof replacement

You may be wondering what the difference is between Zincalume and Colorbond, the other popular metal roofing material used on roofs. In fact, the key difference is simply colour. 

Zincalume – which is made from zinc, aluminium and silicon – comes in the one colour, which starts out shiny but will dull over time. On the other hand, Colorbond comes in wide range of different colours. 

So, if you’re thinking of a metal roof replacement for your garage in Canterbury or anywhere in Melbourne, the choice simply comes down to which look you prefer.

Garage roof replacement also vital

Whether you live in Canterbury or Carlton, Cheltenham or Chelsea, getting your garage roof replaced once it’s past its used-by-date is vital. Just like on your home, a roof that has seen better days is likely to cause damage to the structure it sits on. Garage roof leaks can blister or peel exterior paint, stain, discolour and rot any plasterboard inside the garage, rot

timber in the strucure and, in extreme circumstances, cause electrical problems and even fires.

Garage roof replacement isn’t always the answer. If your garage roof is in reasonable condition it may be able to be repaired. However, once the issues become too significant you are better to consider a complete garage roof replacement.

Canterbury garage roof replacement specialists

Can your garage roof be repaired or does it need a complete replacement? At the end of the day, it usually comes down to cost and how much more life you’ll be able to get from the roof if repairs are carried out.

The good news is that if you contact Oates Roofing Maintenance, we can give you advice on your options. We can also provide a quote on a complete garage roof replacement and the cost to repair, so you can make a decision based on budget and your needs.

So, when you want to change your garage roof from a disaster to a 100% success story, you know who to contact!

Roof Restoration, Projects

Oakleigh Roof repairs by halves

When it comes to roof repairs in the Melbourne suburb of Oakleigh, Oates Roofing Maintenance never do things by halves, unless of course that’s what the clients wants and needs!

Such was the case on a recent project we completed. After a thorough inspection of the roofing sections on the home, it was decided the best course of action was to replace half the roof, as the other half of the roof was in good condition and didn’t need any attention. We certainly didn’t do things by halves when it came to replacing the roofing section and the client will have a great looking roof, free from leaks or any other hassles, for many years to come.

Roof repairs in Oakleigh

Whether you live in Oakeligh or any other suburb of Melbourne, roof repairs is a fact of life. Like any other component on your home, your roof will need attention at some stage. Whether you have a roof with a common material such as concrete tiles or metal such as Colorbond, or a roof with slate, concrete, terracotta tiles or another material, the sun, rain, hail, wind and other elements will eventually take its toll.

What items on your Oakleigh roof may need repairing? Let’s take a look at the common ones:

  • A tiled roof is the most common type of roof in Oakleigh and Melbourne and for good reason. It’s stylish and durable, but that doesn’t mean the humble tiled roof doesn’t have issues. Tiles crack and break and therefore need replacing, and rebedding and repointing of a tiled roof is another common roof repair job. In addition, moss can build up on a tiled roof and will need professional cleaning.
  • The other most common roof type in Oakleigh is the metal roof, which like tiles is generally reliable and durable. In fact, a metal roof can last for decades without a single issue. But eventually roof repairs will need to be carried out, whether it’s a small job like replacing a single sheet of metal or a complete replacement.
  • Gutters, like rooves, can last for years without an issue, but they will rust and degrade over time and need attention. Of course, the most common issue with most gutters is simply that they need cleaning or unblocking to remove debris. While this is a common job it’s also an important one, because blocked gutters can cause overflows that can cause damage to your home and to your roof.
  • Other roof repairs that are commonly required in Oakleigh and Melbourne include downpipe replacement, roof cleaning, repairing of flashing and complete reroofing (even if it is only half a roof like our recent clients!).

Oates Roofing roof repairs in Oakleigh

There are many good reasons to use Oates Roofing Maintenance for roof repairs if you live in Oakleigh, including the fact that we do everything. Whether your roof needs to be reroofed, repaired, has a leak, needs the gutters cleaned or downpipes replaced, we can help. 
Call Oates Roofing Maintenance on 0435 695 466, or request a quote for roof repairs on our contact page.

Oates Roofing roof repairs in Oakleigh