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Roof Inspections

5 Reasons to Get Your Roof Inspected

Considering you rarely see your roof from above, it can be easy to forget about. It is also hard for the untrained eye to be able to determine its condition just from looking at it. Roof replacements can be costly for home and business owners. Having routine roof inspections will mean avoiding expensive roof replacements and repairs in the future, as often a small inexpensive issue can turn into a large problem. If you are looking to buy a home, a roof inspection should be carried out along with a house inspection to ensure it is in safe and good condition. 

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Chimney Roof Leaks

Chimneys are often an overlooked part of the roof and many assume they’ll have no issues with them, but like everything they deteriorate over time and can cause chimney roof leaks. Chimney Leaks can occur for numerous reasons and can lead to major inconveniences in your home. Melbourne is no stranger to severe weather conditions, and masonry chimneys can be prone to water damage. Water damage can cause blockages to the chimney flue, damage the lining, and result in problems with bricks becoming loose and broken. Chimneys with water damage can not only be inconvenient, but also dangerous and impact the health of those who reside in your household.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections can save you thousands

With the wet and wild weather we’ve been experiencing in Melbourne of late, we are probably all feeling a little shell-shocked. And the same can be said for our roofs! Your roof is your home’s first line of defence from the elements, but that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to the elements. Wind, rain, hail and debris can damage roofs, which is why a thorough inspection of your roof may well be overdue.

Why are roof inspections necessary?

While water dripping on your head, your furniture or your floor may be a clear sign your Melbourne roof needs inspecting – and fixing – not all issues are as obvious as this. Less apparent, but no less urgent, are signs such as:

  • Water stains on your ceilings
  • Water streaks on your walls
  • Mould on your walls, ceilings and other areas of your home
  • Bubbling on walls and ceilings
  • Water spots, mould, moss or algae on exterior timberwork

These and other signs can all point to an issue with your roof that should be inspected as soon as possible. These are not issues to ignore or leave to another day (or month!). If left unchecked, issues with your roof can lead significant and costly damage. This can include:

  • Damage to your plasterboard. Minor damage can be simple to fix, however, over time the damage will become worse and you may need to end up replacing large sections of your plasterboard.
  • Worse still, an undetected leak or a leak that goes unfixed for a period of time can cause damage to structural parts of your Melbourne home. A partial roof collapse in these situations is certainly not unheard of.
  • Wet timber also creates an ideal environment for termites, which can cause further damage. 
  • Water leaks can damage floor coverings, curtain, blinds and other fittings in your home. 
  • More alarming, a water leak that’s left unchecked can damage your home’s electrical system. This can require expensive repairs, but more importantly, can cause a house fire or electrocution. 

Put simply, a roof inspection of your Melbourne home can cost you a small outlay, but save you thousands of dollars in the long run. It could even save your home or your life!

Melbourne roof inspections – what does Oates do?

Contact Oates Roofing Maintenance (call us on 0435 695 466 or organise a quote via our website) and we can conduct a thorough inspection of all important areas of your roof. We will inspect:

  • For metal roofing, we will look for rust and other areas of concern that could be allowing water to enter your home.
  • For tiled roofs, we will look for any tiles that may have cracked or moved. We will also inspect all cement bedding under ridge caps and gable tiles, which is a common entry point for water. 
  • If you have any polycarbonate roofing, we will look for any sheets that are showing signs of brittleness, weathering, incorrect fixing or issues with sealing.
  • We’ll look at your valley gutters to make sure they’re doing their job, which is to funnel water to the gutters. Valley gutters can become rusted over time and if blocked will cause a leak.
  • We’ll inspect your roof’s dektites and flashings around areas such as chimneys, vents and skylights to makes sure they are in good condition and sealing correctly.
  • We’ll check your gutters and downpipes. If you like, we’ll also clean out all leaves, debris and dirt to ensure your gutters won’t overflow.

With a roof inspection of your Melbourne home completed, you can rest easy knowing that your roof will be well equipped to handle the next bout of savage weather. Let’s hope that’s not too soon!

Melbourne roofing inspections not all we do

One of the benefits of using Oates Roofing Maintenance is that roof inspections is not all we do. In fact, it far from all we do:

  • If we find leaks in your Melbourne roof, caused by issues with metal roofing, tiles, cement bedding, gutters, downpipes, flashing or anything else, we can fix the issue straight away.
  • If your roof is past its best, we can completely replace it or reroof it, or alternatively restore it to its former glory.
  • We can replace and clean gutters and downpipes.
  • We can completely clean your roof, removing all algae, lichen, moss and other debris. This leaves it looking practically as good as new and helps extend its lifespan.
  • We can install skylights and vents, to aid natural light and ventilation.
  • We can even evict rats, mice, possums, birds, cats and other animals that have decided to call your home their home!

Really, if it’s to do with roofs, chances are Oates Roofing Maintenance can help you. 

Yes, we do roof inspections in Melbourne, but we do a whole lot more as well!

Roof Inspections

Get a roof inspection for your Melbourne home

If you were in your Melbourne home last Wednesday (and let’s face it, that’s where most of have been these last few months!) you may have thought your roof was caving in when the earth tremors hit. Which is a perfect introduction to a subject that is close to our heart:  have you thought about having a roof inspected recently?

Aside from earth tremors there are of course many things that can cause damage to the roof on your Melbourne home. Some of these things may be obvious and instantaneous – such as a roof cave-in after an earthquake or a tree branch falling on your roof – while others are more difficult to notice and can be caused over time. And this is where a roof inspection comes to the fore.

5 reasons why a roof inspection is important

  1. The most important reason for a roof inspection is pretty simple and falls into ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’ umbrella. That is, you can’t necessarily tell the condition of the roof with a quick look. Judging a roof’s soundness with a cursory look could mean issues are missed. You need to give it a thorough inspection.
  2. A good reason to get a professional to conduct the roof inspection is that you need to know what you’re looking for. Yes, it is a good idea for you to take a look at your roof yourself every few months. You may notice issues such as a tile that has shifted or a cracked tile and be able to fix it straight away. But you might not notice other things that are equally important and can cause significant damage over time.
  3. While there are some issues that occur in the blink of an eye, such as a tree branch falling in a storm, most issues with roofs build up over time. For example, a small leak can go undetected until it gets bigger and causes more obvious damage. A robust roof inspection on your Melbourne home will detect issues before they become major of cause significant damage, potentially saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  4. It’s not just the elements that can cause roof issues. Tradespeople accessing your roof to, for example, repair your evaporative cooler, can cause damage. Or you may have got on your roof to retrieve a ball or clean the gutters and accidently caused some damage. 
  5. Last, but certainly not least, if you’re considering purchasing a new home it’s a good idea to have the roof inspected before committing, as part of a building inspection. It might not stop you going ahead with the purchase, but at least you’ll know about any issues beforehand. In the case of private sales, it may give you bargaining power to get a cheaper sale price.

What types of issues can roof inspections identify?

There are a myriad of issues that a thorough and robust roof inspection may identify on your Melbourne home, including:

  • Issues with metal roofing sheets, such as rusted or buckled areas. Metal sheets can show signs of rust after around 10 years and identifying and replacing problem sheets is important to reduce water damage to your home.
  • Polycarbonate roofing sheets that have become brittle or been installed incorrectly.
  • Timber that is showing signs of rot, weathering or damage. This can include items such as the fascia or eaves. Damage can be caused over time from general exposure, or from issues such as blocked gutters.
  • Speaking of gutters, regular inspections and cleaning of gutters and downpipes is a must and is a common cause of water damage.
  • Valley gutters also require inspection to find and clean blockages (generally at the bottom of the valleys) and weather damage and rusting.
  • Cement bedding under tiles will crack and fall out over time and can also lead to water damage. 
  • Tiles that have moved or cracked are also common issues that any good roof inspection will find.

How often should you have your roof inspected?

If you suspect damage may have occurred to your roof (e.g. after an earth tremor a storm) it’s obviously a good idea to get your roof inspected as soon as possible. 

Otherwise, the time between roof inspections may vary depending on our ability and willingness to check the roof yourself. If you can’t or prefer not to get on a ladder to check your roof every several months, regular professional inspections are important. If you’re happy to check your roof regularly and clean your gutters, then a professional inspection every few years will suffice. Generally, a tile roof should be more regularly inspected than a metal roof.
To have your roof inspection in Melbourne carried out by the professionals at Oates Roofing Maintenance, call us on 0435 695 466 or organise a quote via our website. Remember, our experience will reduce the odds of water damage to your home and identify problem areas before they spiral out of control and force expensive repairs.