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Scaling the heights of a Glen Iris reroof

What happens when you have a tired old roof with more issues than the Women’s Weekly? In the case of the home in Glen Iris pictured on this page, the best option was to completely reroof with new tiles and the result, we’re sure you’ll agree, is spectacular.

The decision to reroof a home is certainly not one to take lightly. It’s a major investment, however, in some cases it is more cost effective to rip off the old roof and completely reroof than trying to undertake repairs. 

The Glen Iris reroof is a classic example. As mentioned, the home’s roof had a list of issues longer than our arms. There were damaged tiles, the ridge capping was loose, the mortar cracked and in some cases non-existent, the moss build up was about as bad as it gets and that was just for starters.

A reroof of the Glen Iris home was not only the best option, but also essentially the only real choice. Yes, it was a big job, but the end result is a roof without any of the problems of the previous roof, one that improves the insulation and ventilation of the roof space, and a roof that looks about 1000 times better than the old one.

Does your Glen Iris home need a reroof? Or can your roof be repaired?

To reroof or repair is often the million dollar question and a question with no simple answer. But here’s some food for thought. The cost of repairing and re-colouring an existing roof can sometimes be as costly as undertaking a full reroof. 

Often the best thing to do is to get quotes to do both – to repair the existing roof and to reroof – and you can then decide what’s best for you.

Glen Iris reroof matches up

Once you’ve decided on a reroof for your home, one of the next questions is what do you want your new roof to look like? 

In the case of the Glen Iris reroof, the homeowners decided they wanted their new roof to look much the same as their old roof would have looked when it was first done. Choosing Oates Roofing Maintenance meant the homeowners were in luck, as we can effectively source any colour or style of tile to match an existing roof. Even older-style tiles, like the ones on the Glen Iris home, are generally no issue.

However, there’s no reason why you can’t go for a different style or colour if you want. You can even reroof an old tile roof with metal sheeting if you’d like. There are pros and cons of both metal roofing and tiles and we can guide you on what may be best for your roof. At the end of the day, the choice often comes down to look and which you prefer.

Oates the reroofing experts

From Glen Iris to Greensborough, from St Kilda to Seaford, Oates Roofing Maintenance is the team to call to reroof your home.

One of the advantages of choosing Oates is that we do it all, so we won’t steer you to choose between a reroof over roof repairs or vice-a-versa. We’ll simply give you our recommendations and advice, and you make the decision that is right for you.
Phone Oates on 0435 695 466 or request a quote on our website.

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Oakleigh Roof repairs by halves

When it comes to roof repairs in the Melbourne suburb of Oakleigh, Oates Roofing Maintenance never do things by halves, unless of course that’s what the clients wants and needs!

Such was the case on a recent project we completed. After a thorough inspection of the roofing sections on the home, it was decided the best course of action was to replace half the roof, as the other half of the roof was in good condition and didn’t need any attention. We certainly didn’t do things by halves when it came to replacing the roofing section and the client will have a great looking roof, free from leaks or any other hassles, for many years to come.

Roof repairs in Oakleigh

Whether you live in Oakeligh or any other suburb of Melbourne, roof repairs is a fact of life. Like any other component on your home, your roof will need attention at some stage. Whether you have a roof with a common material such as concrete tiles or metal such as Colorbond, or a roof with slate, concrete, terracotta tiles or another material, the sun, rain, hail, wind and other elements will eventually take its toll.

What items on your Oakleigh roof may need repairing? Let’s take a look at the common ones:

  • A tiled roof is the most common type of roof in Oakleigh and Melbourne and for good reason. It’s stylish and durable, but that doesn’t mean the humble tiled roof doesn’t have issues. Tiles crack and break and therefore need replacing, and rebedding and repointing of a tiled roof is another common roof repair job. In addition, moss can build up on a tiled roof and will need professional cleaning.
  • The other most common roof type in Oakleigh is the metal roof, which like tiles is generally reliable and durable. In fact, a metal roof can last for decades without a single issue. But eventually roof repairs will need to be carried out, whether it’s a small job like replacing a single sheet of metal or a complete replacement.
  • Gutters, like rooves, can last for years without an issue, but they will rust and degrade over time and need attention. Of course, the most common issue with most gutters is simply that they need cleaning or unblocking to remove debris. While this is a common job it’s also an important one, because blocked gutters can cause overflows that can cause damage to your home and to your roof.
  • Other roof repairs that are commonly required in Oakleigh and Melbourne include downpipe replacement, roof cleaning, repairing of flashing and complete reroofing (even if it is only half a roof like our recent clients!).

Oates Roofing roof repairs in Oakleigh

There are many good reasons to use Oates Roofing Maintenance for roof repairs if you live in Oakleigh, including the fact that we do everything. Whether your roof needs to be reroofed, repaired, has a leak, needs the gutters cleaned or downpipes replaced, we can help. 
Call Oates Roofing Maintenance on 0435 695 466, or request a quote for roof repairs on our contact page.

Oates Roofing roof repairs in Oakleigh