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Camberwell roof leaks condemned

What have Camberwell, roof leaks and Oates Roofing Maintenance have in common?

The secret is in how Camberwell got its name. Camberwell was named by an early settler after seeing the three-road intersection formed by what is now Burke Road, Riversdale Road and Camberwell Road. That’s the intersection locals call Camberwell Junction. It reminded the early settler of a similar three-way intersection in the south London district of Camberwell. Not very left-field we know, but that’s history for you!

But, how does this make a common link between Camberwell, roof leaks and Oates, apart from the obvious link that Oates fixes roof leaks in Camberwell? Well, you see, if you have a roof leak you can contact us in three ways: phone us on 0435 695 466, email or go to our website and Request a Quote.

To be fair, however, Oates doesn’t just fix roof leaks. That would be like saying Collingwood AFL star Josh Daicos (who incidentally went to Camberwell Grammar) kicks a football. As well as fixing roof leaks in Camberwell, Oates also restores roofs, conducts roof and gutter repairs, maintains roofs and undertakes complete reroofing projects.

As we say, if you’ve got an issue with the roof on your Camberwell home there’s a darn good chance we can help.

Oates is a family-owned business with vast experience in the roofing industry. Our costs are very competitive, our work of high quality and we’re fully insured and working from heights certified. We work throughout the entire Melbourne area, including, of course, Camberwell.


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