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 7 signs that your Melbourne home may need a reroof

The roof of your Melbourne house plays a critical role in protecting your home and the people who live within it. While roofs do last a long time – generally over 40 years and sometimes longer – there will come a time for every home that a reroof is necessary. How do you know when it’s time for your home?

Your Melbourne roof is leaking

A leaking roof is not only the first sign that your home may need a reroof, but it can be the most obvious. But not always. While some roof leaks are immediately noticeable and result in water dripping into your home, other leaks can occur for considerable time without being immediately obvious.

We should point out that a leaking roof doesn’t necessarily mean you need a complete reroof. In fact, in most cases you won’t. Roof leaks that are caused by tiles that have moved out of place, tiles that are cracked, or metal roofing sheets that are lifting are examples of roof leaks that are easily fixed. We’re talking here about regular, repeat leaks that indicate there’s a more major issue with your roof.

Ceiling and wall stains and mould

We mentioned above that some roof leaks won’t always be immediately noticeable or result in water dripping from your ceiling. There are signs, however, that you can look out for. Streaks and stains on your ceiling and walls, for example, are classic signs of potential roof leaks. Mould and mildew growth can also be indications that you have a leak that needs to be found and fixed.

Ceiling and wall stains and mould

Your Melbourne roof is sagging

Water dripping from your ceiling and stains on your walls certainly need fixing, but a sagging roof structure requires even more urgent attention. If you notice your roof is sagging, there is likely to be an issue with your roof structure and if left untreated it could lead to the collapse of your roof.

One of the most common causes of damage to the structure of your roof is a roof leak or leaks that have gone undetected over time. Get a professional to inspect the issue straight away.

Tiles are cracking regularly

One of the most common roofing materials used around Melbourne are concrete tiles, because they look great and last a long time. But they’re far from immortal. A common sign that a concrete tile roof needs a reroof is when tiles are cracking regularly and without reason. We’re not talking about one or two tiles cracking, as this is normal and is a reason why it’s good to have a few spares lying around. When you have many tiles cracking, however, it’s a sure sign that they’re getting to the end of their use by date.

Tiles are cracking regularly

Light coming through your roof

If you’re more of an adventurous type, then it’s a good idea to make a habit of climbing inside your roof now and again. Turn off any lights that are on inside your house and do this during the day, when you’ll be about to see any light coming in through your roof. You will likely be able to see some light, particularly if you have a tiled roof for example. However, any gaps should be small.

Age counts

If you’ve been having one or two issues with your roof and know its age, you’ll have a good idea on whether it’s time for a reroof or not. We mentioned in the introduction that roofs can last for 40 years or longer, but this does depend on the material. 

The two most common types of roofs in Melbourne are metal and concrete tiles. The former will last for between 40 and 80 years while the later will last for around 50 to 60 years. Others roofing materials found around Melbourne and their approximate lifespans include clay tiles (50 to 100 years), asphalt shingles (20 to 50 years), slate tiles (75 to 200 years) and wood shingles (30 to 40 years).

Your roof simply looks old

Another sign that your roof needs a reroof is simply that it looks old. It might be performing okay, but if it’s bringing down the overall look of your Melbourne home then a reroof may be worth the investment. 

Of course, instead of reroofing, you may also consider a roof clean and seal. Regular roof cleaning can remove dirt, algae and moss from roofs, extend the lifespan of your roof and improve its look.

Oates Roofing Maintenance are reroofing experts in Melbourne

If you think your Melbourne home needs a reroof, you could spend a lot of time searching for ‘reroofing providers near me’ or you could go straight to the experts in Oates Roofing Maintenance. 
Phone us on 0435 695 466 or submit a form on our website and we’ll organise a time to visit your home, go over the options and provide a competitive quote to get your reroof completed with minimal hassles.

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