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7 major causes of a leaking roof

It only seems right to discuss leaking roofs on a day like today. February 14th 2020 a Victorian summers day filled with lame couples on Instagram, torrential rain and hailstones. Even though Melbourners are no strangers to rain, but they don’t particularly want it in their house. We all want to have confidence that our roof is strong and watertight and can withstand all weather conditions thrown at it. Even minor roof leaks can eventuate into expensive and dangerous problems.

leaking roof

1. We are leak detection and prevention experts

Here at Oates Roofing our fully certified roof plumbers are experts in roof leak detection and prevention. We are able to detect the many possible causes of roof leaks that your home may be susceptible to. A leaking roof is not okay.

Below are 7 reasons why leaky roofs may occur. If you are experiencing any of these issues, or feel that you may in the future, our experts will be able to help.

We are leak detection and prevention experts

2. Poor plumbing is well known for causing roof leaks

Whether building a new house or fixing up an old, there may be a time when plumbers need to put a pipe through the roof of your home. Fan ducts, exhaust flues and vent pipes may all need to be run through your roof and into the open. Even when these holes are flashed and sealed by plumbers they can still result in leaks over time.  Having these holes professionally sealed will reduce the likelihood of roof leaks on your property.

3. Older run down roofs cause leaks

It may seem obvious, but the age of you roof can be the primary factor that causes it to leak. As your roof ages due to weather wear and tear, metal roofing materials and roof tiles can weaken and deteriorate. The reliability of your roof structures can also be affected over time. Arrange a check-up for your roof to make sure it is within its life-expectancy.

At times your roof may need a reroof, contact us for a no obligation free quote today.

Older run down roofs cause leaks

4. The chimney is a big risk factor

Again with the potentially obvious, but having a big hole in your roof aka a chimney may increase your risk of roof leaks. Chimneys can be professionally sealed by our team to reduce the risk of water entering through it and to protect your home. learn more about chimney roof leaks and the potential problems they can cause your home.

5. The poorly installed or old box gutters

Box gutters rust over time which may result in them leaking. Poorly designed and installed internal box gutters can become a real issue if they are in an area that is prone to blockage. If your box gutters clog up with debris and leaves then in heavy rain they may overflow onto your roof increasing the probability of roof leaks. Getting your box gutters checked yearly, cleaned out and reinstalled when needed may be essential to avoiding roof leaks on your property.

roof maintenance Melbourne

6. Overflowing gutters are notorious for causing a leaking roof

Getting your gutters cleaned regularly is one simple way to avoid roof leaks. Gutters that are blocked with debris and leaves can stop water flowing and may divert water onto your roof. This can weaken your roof and if water finds it way into these weak spots it could cause your roof to start leaking. Oats roofing is happy to clean out your gutters so that rain water and freely flow, preventing damage and saving you time any money.

Overflowing gutters are notorious for causing a leaking roof

7. Skylight create a huge hole in your roof leaving it exposed

A skylight may be a beautiful addition that naturally lights up your home, but they can potentially cause roof leaks over time. If you begin to notice staining from rain around the edges of your skylight this may be cause for concern. Getting your skylight checked out and resealed if necessary will avoid the potential for leaks in the future.

Skylight with hatch open

If you are in need of a roof plumber to fix your roof leaks. You can find out more information about roof leaks and the implications they have on your house.

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