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5 Reasons to Get Your Roof Inspected

Considering you rarely see your roof from above, it can be easy to forget about. It is also hard for the untrained eye to be able to determine its condition just from looking at it. Roof replacements can be costly for home and business owners. Having routine roof inspections will mean avoiding expensive roof replacements and repairs in the future, as often a small inexpensive issue can turn into a large problem. If you are looking to buy a home, a roof inspection should be carried out along with a house inspection to ensure it is in safe and good condition. 

What could go wrong with your roof?

When it comes to roofs there can be many different issues that you encounter. Roofs have to handle a lot, from unpredictable weather, to debris and animals on it. Below are a few issues that can occur with roofs. 

  • Missing shingles
  • Shingles curling or bucking
  • Plants or moss growth
  • Blocked or broken gutters 
  • Chimney damage 
  • Leaks due to numerous reasons 
  • Sagging or drooping roof

So, why are roof inspections important?

Routine roof inspections will result in proper maintenance of your business or home roof. Keeping your roof well maintained will increase its life expectancy and save you money. Damaged roofs can also pose a danger to your household or employees. Below are 5 reasons you may need to get your roof inspected. 

  1. Roof inspectors can make insurance claims smooth and effortless

If your roof is inspected by a professional roofer, and damage is found, they may be able to help you with your insurance claim. Roofers have the experience and expertise to know what sort of roof replacements and repairs may be covered by your policy. They can assess the damage, determine the cost, and help with the insurance claim.  They can provide advice and explore your options when it comes to keeping you safe and your roof intact.

  1. Old and worn out roofs

No matter how professionally installed your roof was, it will still age and wear out over time. The most common issue that occurs due to age is small openings on the surface of the roof. This results in water entering the roof space of your home which can result in a lot of damage. If your roof is inspected regularly these areas can be fixed or replaced at the time, preventing further more costly damage.

  1. Checking for potential leaks

Roof leaks are a common reason that people get their roof inspected. Roofs can leak for a number of reasons, from chimney damage, poor plumbing and old/blocked box gutters to name a few. A roof leak may cause numerous issues in the house and roof such as mold, corrosion or rot. Roof leaks can develop over time, getting worse and worse. Detecting a potential roof leak before it results in a lot of damage is crucial. Having a roof inspection can mitigate this potentially dangerous and expensive problem.

  1. Drainage and gutter cleaning

If a roof is unable to drain water effectively, it may pool on the roof making it water-logged. Blocked drains are the primary reason that water may be diverted on to your roof. A water-logged roof can result in your roof weakening and becoming damaged, which in turn may lead to leaks. Having gutters regularly maintained and cleaned from leaves and debris is a simple solution to keeping your roof and other parts of your house damage and water free.

  1. Storm Damage

The weather throughout Melbourne and Australia is unpredictable. From storms, hail, and high winds, to high heat, your roof is subjected to it all. Over time your roof will become damaged due to weather. It also may be hit by debris during a storm and create damage you couldn’t predict. After extreme weather events it is smart to have a roof inspection to see if there are any issues. 

Let the professionals do the work! 

Even if you are able to get up onto your roof and take a look yourself, it won’t be clear to you what the damage is and how it was caused. Getting a professional to take a look is crucial. It can also be dangerous for you to inspect your roof yourself. Roofers have the equipment and knowledge to be able to inspect your roof safely and successfully. As well as this, if your roof has leaks there may be damage inside your roof that needs to be inspected professionally. 

Having your roof inspected will give you peace of mind. Our roofers at Oats Plumping can help you with any sort of repair that needs doing or let you know of any issues that may arise in the future that need keeping an eye on. Knowing that your family or employees are safe under your roof is a great feeling! 

At Oats Roofing we offer comprehensive roof inspections as well as all roof replacement and repair work throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our professional highly trained staff are happy to help with all things roofs.  Contact us here today or phone us on 0435 695 466 to organise your roof inspection, so that you can have peace of mind, stay safe, and save money! 

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